Some Reasons People In Buckie Don’t Go To Church

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Wow, I can’t believe it. I’ve finally got this site up and running. Ok, maybe up and limping, but we’re moving forward. As you’ll see, this first episode is very short. And that’s probably a good thing. Some episodes will be very Buckie focused, and some will be much more general. I think this one is pretty much for Buckie people. I hope you’ll make this your home for spiritual thought. I hope you’ll ask questions, share your thoughts and become part of the family. Anyway, below are the ‘show notes’. They are not edited or corrected for spelling, etc. Do take note of the ways to contact us and stay in touch. You rock. Here we go… O, to listen to the episode, you’ll find the link at the top where it says Episode 1 Click here.

“One of the things that really disturbs me, is how few people never attend Church. I mean, it never even crosses your mind. But I know you think about things like, What happens when I die? I know that because of how many people went to see the show when the psychic came to town. Hmm. Think about it. People pay money to go see a psychic, but Church is free. What’s up with that? I’m going with, Church is boring. Hey, I’m a preacher. I know these things. Churches in Scotland are boring. I mean, people still think they have to dress up, put on a pair of shoes that crushes our feet, go to sit in a building that smells mouldy, on a pew that was designed by a torturer, sing songs that are old, or that we don’t know, then listen to a guy, often dressed in a robe, babble on for a half hour about things from in a book we never read that never relates to our real life. Oh, then they pass a box for us to put some money in. We think, no thanks, I’m saving up for the psychic.

You know you that’s a pretty realistic picture of what you think you’ll experience. And that’s partly because it’s what you’ve always experienced.

I have some good news. It’s not all like that. At least not everywhere. Ok, a good number of our buildings are old, and some of them smell pretty musty. Can’t help that. At our Church, we’ve been having movie nights and we’re making a great deal of popcorn and candy floss. We’ll kill that musty smell eventually. Eventually we’ll smell like Peter Fair, but at least it won’t be musty.

I know several churches have banished those uncomfortable pews. Hallelujah. We have chairs. Padded chairs. You’re welcome. We still sing. That’s never going to change. There are reasons why we sing, and some day I’ll explain it, but not today. Frankly, most of us are terrible singers. We have out of tune instruments. I know it. Some churches these days, have bands. Some of them are great. Some are terrible. But we have fun singing the old songs AND learning new ones. In our church, for example, we have no one to play instruments. So we use videos. The thing about using them that’s positive is the bands and musicians in the videos are always fantastic, so if you don’t like to sing, you can always just enjoy the video. And don’t say you don’t like videos. I know you’ve got YouTube. And you learn new songs all the time off of there, or that old fashioned radio in your car.

As for the dress code, we’re just glad you’re actually wearing clothing. That’s pretty much our only expectation these days. This time of year, trying to leave the house naked, will put your health in jeopardy. Oh, and it will probably get you arrested. Come casually, just come.

Preaching is changing too. Most of us know speak modern, rather that King James, English. If you go to a Church where you can’t understand the preacher. Try another one. And many of us, try and share the message of the Bible in a way that’s helpful in real life. Some are better than others.

Look around. Find a Church where you fit in. Just make sure they stick closely to the Bible. We’ll talk about the Bible next week. If you don’t have a Church home, you’re more than welcome to visit us at the Church of Christ on West Church Street. We may smell like popcorn and candy floss, but you’ll sure
be welcome. Wherever you are, I’d love to help you find a good, Bible Church. If you write to me at or write a comment on the website, or on the radiofreebuckie Facebook page, I’ll help you find a good church, wherever in the world you are.

And… if you have any questions about the Bible, Jesus, Church, money management, just about anything, send them to me at on the comments page of the website or email me. I’d love to hear them. Maybe your question will provide us a topic for the show. And…stick around, because in two or three weeks, I’m going to address that topic about what happens after you die. But next week, I’m going to teach you to love reading the Bible. Yep. Cause you’re probably doing it wrong. Uh huh. Have a great week everyone. And…. attend Church somewhere this weekend. I dare you.”




3 thoughts on “Some Reasons People In Buckie Don’t Go To Church

  1. I cannot physically get to a church, but I am a host at an online church and have great fellowship, support and lovely services too.


  2. I cannot physically attend a church but I host at an online church which has great teaching, lovely fellowship and I have made friends from around the world doing this. I love Jesus and I know he loves me.


    1. That’s great news, Anne. I’m sorry you can’t physically attend a church, but I’m so pleased that you have a way to worship and have fellowship. And, thanks for listening. If you ever need a visit, just let me know. All the best.

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