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For those of you who are new, first, thank you for tuning in. But if you’re new, this radio show is supposed to come out on Thursdays. But this week I got absolutely slammed with work and now it’s Friday. To be honest, I was going to skip it. Let it slide because I was so frustrated with my crazy schedule. But last night I got several questions as to where the show was, and I noticed I have about 15 new people following me. So here I am.

It’s kind of a side issue, but thank you for caring. Sometimes when I get busy, or distracted, I get discouraged and think, oh, nobody cares anyway, I’m just talking to the air. I think that about Sunday sermons sometimes too. You wonder whether or not people are listening, you know, really hearing what you’re trying to say. Well, this was one of those weeks for me. Then last night, some people started talking about one of my Sunday Sermons and how it helped them. I was so touched. I was humbled. Then I went home and saw all the messages about where the radio show was. For a few minutes, I just sat there and thanked God that people, you are listening and want to hear what God is telling me. So Thank You for waking me up. You rock.

While I’m in confession mode…you didn’t know you were going to be priests today did you? Listening to the confessions of my sins. Well, surprise! Any way, recently I had to get a new mobile phone. So far I don’t love it. I had to get a cheap one, and it has some limitations. The worst thing is the number of things that didn’t transfer when I tried to get all my contacts and stuff to move. One of the things I lost was the contact information for a group that rents the Church building on Fridays. They’ve cancelled for a few weeks for the holidays and haven’t needed the building. Anyway, I agreed to let a funeral director use the building today. Then I remembered the group and couldn’t remember whether or now they were still cancelled for today. I’ve looked everywhere for their contact information. It is nowhere to be found, and I am the only contact they have with the church. So I’ve got to head over to the building in a few minutes to see whether or not they show up. I’m hoping they’re still out, but if not, I’ll apologize profusely and give them a few weeks of free rent to say how sorry I am. I will also get the contact information so it doesn’t happen again. I hate it when stuff like that happens. I feel like such a numpty. Because when I do that, I am a numpty.

Once in a while, we all do stuff like that, don’t we? When all we can do is, say I’m sorry. There are not words or excuses that will atone for what we’ve done. We simply have to live with our mistakes.

One of the great things about God, is his willingness to say “You’re forgiven.” Sure sometimes there are consequences to our actions or words. God is just. And sometimes that means there is a piper to pay, but He will always forgive us and give us a chance to start over.

Ok, confession time is over. Thanks for hearing me out. How is everyone else doing out there? Is your new year off to a great start? I do hope so. Mine is. I mean apart from my crowded schedule that is playing heck with my routine and memory. I did have a dentist appt. today. I hate going to the dentist. My heart bypass surgery was easier on me than a visit to the dentist. Seriously. My dentist is a very pleasant young lady with a nice smile. Her assistant is also very nice. She’s professional, courteous, all the right traits, but it terrifies me. Always has. Something about that gosh awful grinding sound the machines make when cleaning or grinding out cavities, makes me want to cry like a three year old.

What about you? Does the dentist scare you?

The other day, on facebook, there was an announcement about a friend of mine who is going to be married. Obviously, both fiancees are extremely excited and telling everyone the good news. I am always fascinated by newly engaged, newlyweds, People who have just learned they’re having a baby, and people who’ve just had a baby. I’ll add into that mix, those who’ve just bought a new car and those who’ve just bought a new house. You know what I’m talking about. Pictures everywhere. All over facebook and instagram. Sharing the good news with everyone they run into. People want to look at the car, the new baby, or the ring. Smiles abound. Its a glorious time.

When the kid is 4 years old though, things go from, smiles and photos all the time, to, “anybody want to buy a child?” Same with spouses. A few years down the road from the wedding day or engagement announcement and suddenly we’re not as excited as before. I find that really fascinating.

A similar phenomenon happens when we follow Jesus. When a person is a brand new believer, we tell everyone we meet. But after a few years, we hardly tell anyone. And that’s a tragedy.

I want you to look at something in the Bible for a minute. If you want to look it up, it’s in the Gospel of John. John is the 4th book in the New Testament. If you need to use the table of contents, that’s ok. That’s why it’s in there. Anyway, its in Chapter 1, starting in verse 35. I want you to see what happens. First, John the Baptist, tells his followers about Jesus. Then some of them become Jesus followers. One of them, Andrew, immediately goes and gets his brother, Simon and introduces him to Jesus. Jesus gives Simon the nickname, Peter. Jesus calls a friend of Peter and Andrew, Philip. Philip is from the same town, Bethsaida, in Galilee where Peter and Andrew are from. Anyway, Philip runs and gets his friend, Nathaniel and brings him to meet Jesus.

Here’s what’s really interesting to me about this. Jesus has not done a single miracle yet. He has not preached a single sermon or told a parable. First, there is obviously something about his character that is different. But it all starts with John the Baptist. John is pretty well known. He dresses funny and his diet is pretty weird, but everyone knows what kind of man he is. He tells his friends about Jesus. They follow and tell their family and friends.

When you start to follow Jesus, the first people who will listen to you are friends and family. And it’s natural to talk to them about it. The interesting thing is, both Andrew and Philip say, come and see. They know that if their friends or brother will come and see Jesus for themselves, then they will follow him too.

The verses say that Nathaniel was skeptical. He said, “Jesus is from where? Nazareth? Can anything good come out of Nazareth. And we learn later in the book that Nathaniel is from Cana, less than 4 miles from Nazareth. He knows its just a little nowhere, nothing little town. But simply because of Philip’s enthusiasm, he comes to meet Jesus. And at the end of the meeting, he acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God. Philip did the introductions, but Jesus did the rest.

Oh and Andrew introduces Peter to Jesus. Peter, that’s st Peter. The guy our Catholic Church in Buckie is named after. The Peter who preaches the first ever gospel sermon in the book of Acts when 3000 people are baptized as followers of Jesus when he’s done. Yeah, that guy. All because Andrew says, you’ve got to meet this guy. John the Baptist told us all about him. He’s God’s savior. You’ve got to come meet him.

If you’re just listening, wondering what all the fuss is about, I want to encourage you to meet Jesus and find out for yourself. Since you’ve already heard the first part of the story, here in John 1. You can just go on and read the rest of the gospel of John. I’m pretty sure you’ll say, wow. Before it’s over. Or come to church on Sundays. I’ll be teaching through the gospel of John every Sunday for a while. We’d love to have you visit. Or find a friend who is part of a Bible believing Church and ask to go along with them. We’re here to make you welcome and introduce you to Jesus. He’ll take care of the rest.

And if you’re listening and you’re already a believer. You should take a lesson from John the Baptist, Andrew, and Philip. Just tell someone about Jesus. They all said, “come and see” to workmates, family and friends. Jesus does all the hard part himself. Our job is simply to make the introductions.

Next week should be pretty fun. We’re going to look at Jesus’ first miracle. At the time, it caused no problems at all. It only brought happiness to a newlywed couple. But these days, it causes all sorts of fussing and fighting. But we’re going to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s a clue. It’s in the second chapter of John’s gospel.

That’s it for now. Have an excellent weekend, Y’all. I will talk to you soon. But for now. I’m out.

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