More Confusion About Who Jesus Really Is

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Hey, I want to tell you about some of the redecorations we’re doing at the Church of Christ right now. I’m really excited about them. If you’ve been to the building, either for Church or our Christmas Cake off, or a Film night, or even to the Christmas Cracker, then you know that our little building is quite cute, but in need of a little TLC. Right now, we’re getting ready to paint the inside. We’re picking out colours. I say, we’re. I’ve got nothing to do with it. Neither choosing nor applying the paint. It has been decided that I would be more help if I was color blind. And that there is less chance of a paint can being kicked over if I am not around. But I’m excited, even if I’m not a big part of the actual project.

Right now, one of our members in in our back hall putting in some new cabinets. I’m so very excited about that because we have been extremely short on storage space and the hall looks like the inside of a closet. This work is going to make the room feel so much more spacious.

We have some decorating ideas for the outside front of the building too. That’s where I get to help. I’m going to t in some plants and maybe some lights. We’re really going to kick up the curb appeal of the place. I can’t wait for the unveiling. Watch for it.

Ok, commercials are over. Time for us to take our weekly look at the Book of John. I do love this book. I think If I could only persuade people to read one book of the Bible it would be the Gospel of John. There is so much drama and action. Conflict and interaction. It’s quite gripping.

This week we’re in the 7th chapter. Last week we talked about how discouraged Jesus was about the conflict his ministry caused, how the people were walking away, and even because his own family didn’t believe in Him. But despite his discouragement he went to Jerusalem for the festival that was taking place, and he even taught in the temple. If you didn’t get to listen to to last week, I urge you to go back an listen to episode 20. I’ll try and put a link to it in the show notes.

Today, we’re going to look that the follow up to Jesus’ appearance at the temple. Because the people’s responses are quite interesting, and they set the stage for the drama that takes place on Jesus next trip toe Jerusalem.

I imagine, you’re not surprised that people talked about Jesus when he came to town. His miracles were dramatic, and helpful to the people he healed. But his speeches and lessons caused a lot of chit chat, too. Jesus was different than anyone else in the way he lifted peoples spirits, and called them to repentance, and he talked about new hope and a new life instead of the usual politics and religion combination people had grown accustomed to and bored by.

The word on the street was that the Jewish authorities wanted to arrest Jesus and here He is, teaching openly and boldly right smack dab in the temple area. And no one was arresting him.

That caused some people to ask, isn’t this the guy they want to arrest, why arent they doing it? Have they decided Jesus is the long awaited Messiah? But we know all about Jesus. Where he’s from, who his parents are. And no one will know where the Messiah is from.

Other people said, “when the Messiah comes will he do more miracles that this guy does?”

Then the leaders sent out some guards to arrest Jesus, but they get mesmerized by His teaching and don’t arrest him. The leaders are furious and say why not? They answer, “No body ever spoke like this guy.”

And on it goes. The people, guards, and Jewish leaders spouting their opinions and feelings. But not once did anyone compare what was happening to the things the Bible said about the messiah. They just quoted talk and feelings.

That is so much like it is today. Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. But very few know anything about what he said or did. They just repeat the popular gossip that’s going around, or share their feelings.

I am fascinated and saddened by that. Who is this jesus guy? What is this Christianity thing really? And they offer opinions, some good, some not so good, but no one looks at what the Bible actually says about him.

That’s weird. Jesus is the most famous person who ever lived yet most people don’t know a real thing about him. Or what he wants to do to change your life.

I dare you to read the whole book of John. Go back and start with Chapter one and read through chapter 21. You don’t have to do it at one time. Read a chapter a day if you want. But after you read it, you’ll understand what Jesus was all about. And I think you’ll be surprised, because he’s much different than you thought.

If there are parts you don’t get, or don’t understand, write me and ask. I’ll try and help. I’ll keep our communication secret.

What do you think about Jesus? Who is he? What does that mean? Why do some people follow him while others don’t even want to know? Why do some people worship him while others use his name as a swear word? How can one guy create so much difference of opinion?

I think you owe it to yourself to find out. We’re going to look very closely at this Gospel of John. It’s going to clear things up quite a bit. I hope you’ll stick around and search with us. Share the word. This is a safe place to come. You don’t even have to tell anybody about it. This Radio Free Buckie,

I hope you have a great week. Stop by and see us on Sunday, if you don’t already have a Church home. Our Church is a safe place too. Until next week, I’m out.

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